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It's been a while; you'd be correct in thinking that I've been busy. Two quick things to share with you on this Friday.

Two more episodes of CROSSWORD RACE have gone online; here's the third and the fourth. Here, you'll see a preponderance of turtles as well as the much-clamored-for Translation Party episode. Will either gimmick allow Alex his first win? Find out, and tell your friends to watch too!

Also, I joined up with Mike Selinker and Gaby Weidling from the awesome Lone Shark Games to make a puzzle hunt celebrating Wired's 20th anniversary. Search through the archives to find the answers to our clues and eventually reach the final answer! You can find the clues on Wired's Twitter feed, or catch up by looking at Mike's running list. If you like, use the #wired20 hashtag to collaborate with the hivemind; these clues are tough!

That's it for now, but look out for DASH 5 and the Shinteki Decathlon in the next few weeks!


Programming note

It's once again my turn in CrosSynergy today, but there's been a format change to that puzzle; it can no longer be read in Across Lite. Fortunately, Antony Lewis, creator of the amazing Crossword Compiler, has fashioned a solving tool that can read this new format as well as .puz files and several other types. Find out more in today's post at Amy Reynaldo's blog; you can also find a link to my puzzle there.

It's been a few weeks since I've mentioned a Logic Masters India contest, but they answered the call this weekend with a Spring Sudoku test. Once again, I didn't find the time to take part in the actual competition, but these look like fun puzzles and I'll probably give them a shot on my own.

I also have a new post at Wired's Decode blog, this one discussing Games of Nonchalance, a San Francisco-based ARG that is coming to an end in less than two weeks. I am among the lucky group that will get to attend their April 10th finale, so don't expect this to be my final word on this immersive game.


DASH it all

I've made my triumphant return to Wired's Decode blog in previewing DASH 3, which is coming up at the end of April. I'll be taking part outside the Bay Area for a change, as I plan to be in LA for the following day's crossword tournament. Should be fun; go read the piece and learn more! (Thanks to Mike Selinker for helping me polish the article.)

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Ring around the puzzles

As I mentioned here, the induction into the Wired Ring of Dishonor recently took place in San Francisco, and I had a hand in the ceremony. The complete write-up is now up on the Decode blog, including details on the hidden puzzles in the Underworld issue and the goings-on at Bourbon & Branch. I was responsible for the Ring Toss puzzle, so give that a shot if you haven't already.

At Logic Masters India, another Tapa Variations contest comes at us this weekend. Truth be told, I've been putting less time into these of late; I'm trying to focus more on my obscene backlog of puzzle books, which is only getting bigger. But they are quality challenges, so if you can spare some time this weekend for the competition, or later on to do them at your leisure, try them out.

Lastly, as a reminder, tonight is the Equinox party in Berkeley! Contact me if you want details about spending a few hours with some original word games and people who love them.


Underground puzzling

I'm back from my visit to RPI! I had a lot of fun despite the continued incompetence of ECAC officiating. The Engineers are 1-12-2 in the last fifteen games I've attended, and not all of those teams were bad. At what point do I conclude that it's me? In any event, back to the puzzling!

If you're a reader of Wired's Decode blog (and you really should be), you know about the Ring of Dishonor. Induction into this exclusive cabal will take place this week. I have a hand in the proceedings and will be present at the ceremony. Details will come later, but for now, use the blog and the February issue of Wired to try to find your way into the circle.

In Logic Masters India news, a sudoku test called Double Delight was released; this packet contains puzzles that each have two extra constraints (diagonals, consecutive digits can't touch, etc.). I haven't gotten to them yet, but connoisseur Thomas Snyder spoke very highly of them, so check them out.