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Borderline-insignificant site news!

The good news: I finally figured out how to get WordPress's automatic updates to work. The bad news: The buttons next to Home on the top of the page have vanished for no apparent reason. That's what I get for upgrading, I guess. Anyway, I'm working on it.

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Back in Black

After too much time in the dark, has emerged from its hibernation with a new look! I look forward to resuming my vigorous regimen of not posting often enough.

Right now, in addition to the blog, you can find answers to the questions I hear most often as a puzzlehead, links to some of my favorite puzzle-related websites, and even a probably unnecessary bio. I'm hoping to add more stuff soon, particularly original puzzles, starting with a few that probably won't find another home. E-mail me if there's something else you'd like to see.

I'd like to thank TJ Root, who, way back when, secured this domain name on my behalf and then got it all set up for me. He's a very busy man with technological enterprises of his own, so we agreed that I should take the reins of the site. I'm grateful to him for launching me into the world of own-domain-name-having.

As I mentioned, there was a time when this site had essentially nothing on it but a placeholder I threw up in a span of fifteen minutes. You'd probably still be staring at that black, minimally populated screen without the efforts of Dave Sullivan. He reached out to me offering the same help he provided to Amy Reynaldo at her excellent crossword blogging site. I balked at first, as I wanted to be sure I'd know how to do anything I'd want to on the site. Then I had trouble getting WordPress to upload and I reversed that decision in a hurry. Dave had me set up in no time, and even undid a rather remarkable snafu after I managed to break everything by changing a single setting. (You made that too easy, WordPress. Tsk.) Hopefully I can take it from here, but I wouldn't bet on it. Thanks, Dave!

So have a look around, re-subscribe to the RSS feed, and keep coming back!

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