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Posting through the cobwebs

My, it's been a while, hasn't it? You've no doubt figured this out by now, but this blog isn't really a priority for me anymore. With all the great ways to keep track of puzzle news, writing full sentences about things here doesn't feel like it's worth the effort. I did update my Bio and Links pages, so check out the new goodness there, particularly on the latter page.

These days, I'm quite active on Twitter; I post about puzzles fairly often, though you'll have to wade through some sports stuff and ham-fisted attempts at humor. I'm much better about putting my thoughts into the world when I know I can and must keep them short.

I'm open to the occasional longer post here, if I find the time and a good topic; provide a suggestion if you like! And who knows; maybe the occasional puzzle will land here. For now, though, see you, uh, elsewhere.

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Minding the store

I updated the other pages on the website, correcting links, removing or changing obsolete information... you get the idea. Have a look around and play the world's least entertaining Spot The Differences puzzle to see what's new. And, of course, email me if anything seems amiss!

Coming up is the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, so look for my preview of that in the next week or so.

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Clicks ahoy

Check out the Links page if you haven't recently; I've edited some descriptions that were a little obsolete. More importantly, there's a new section for puzzle tournaments, most of which are local crossword competitions. If I've missed one and it has a website, tell me about it!

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Automatic for the people

For those of you who reach my blog via my tweets, you no longer have to live in fear that you'll miss a post because I am a forgetful oaf. Links to new posts should now go out automatically. So that's cool.

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Linking thinking

Did a round of maintenance on the site, mostly updating some stale links. The most visible addition is a convenient link to my upcoming book, Winner's Circle Crosswords, on Amazon! Of course, you don't need to know this, as you preordered it long ago... right?

I also added a simple uncreative favicon, just because. I can also use a header image, but haven't done that yet. Any ideas for what I might put in that 600x56 space?

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Don’t hold that thought

This blog gets hit with a lot of spam comments. Most are caught by a WordPress extension I have, but lately some have been getting through, and I have to remove these manually. Because they usually appear on old entries, I've attempted to curb them by setting comment threads to close automatically once their entries are three weeks old. If you have a late comment to add, you can always email me.

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On the go

I've set up a version of the site for mobile users, so it'll look much better for you if you get the urge to read my blog when you have only your smartphone handy. Hey, it could happen.

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Tags taking turns

I discovered a nifty little WordPress extension that randomly chooses a tagline from a list of my creation. So when you visit the site, you'll see some variation in the pithy phrase below the blog title. I'll add more as the mood strikes; enjoy my ham-fisted stabs at humor!

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Yet more words!

I've done a little expansion to the site. Puzzle FAQ is no more; instead, I've expanded it into two tabs, one for solving and one for constructing. Hopefully the two pages together are more informative! They're a bit text-heavy right now, but I'll try to jazz them up a bit in the future. For now, my typing fingers are tired!

Also, my resume is now on the site, so if you want to pay me to do puzzles, check it out!

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Sports loyalties… explained!

For the three of you who were curious about the strange set of sports teams I like, head over to my bio page, where I've put the logos of my allegiances, along with mouseover text explaining why I like each team.

Why no, I didn't have much to do tonight. Thanks for asking.

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