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Heading north

Let's journey up the west coast from San Francisco and visit the locations of a few upcoming puzzle events.

In the north end of my home city, the second American edition of the Real Escape Game is taking place July 5-8 at Fort Mason. This version promises to be a little more active, as players will progress through three different rooms to solve puzzles and crack the mystery. I'm excited and hopeful that my teammates and I can tally a second victory! There are still plenty of tickets available for most of the game's sessions; I recommend giving it a shot!

Berkeley is a BART ride away, and the campus there is home to the Berkeley Mystery Hunt. The second annual event will be run for the public on July 21. I really enjoyed this hunt last year; it provides Mystery Hunt flavor in the scope of a Shinteki event or a long BANG. I know my team is determined to finish this year after falling short with a somewhat undermanned team last time around.

Moving up to Napa, there's a fun puzzle event this very weekend! Reigning crossword champ Dan Feyer is hosting the Napa Valley Puzzle Challenge on June 30 at the library there. There'll be a Wordplay screening, a solving contest (I can tell you that Dan and I will not be competing), and a panel to grill, so come on up!

Looking still further north and further ahead in the calendar, I'm getting pumped for this year's National Puzzlers' League convention, undoubtedly the highlight of my summer. We're gathering in Portland July 11-15 to enjoy the vast array of puzzles and games as well as each other's company. The convention brings the latest nights of my summer for a reason!

Also in Portland, but a few weeks later, teams of eager solvers will take on the WarTron game August 3-5. It'll be a very immersive event; I'll have to make sure to stock up on sleep before my second visit to Rip City in four weeks.

Some fun weekends coming up! I remain grateful to live in what has to be the best area of the country for puzzlers. Yeah, I said it!

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  1. Sometimes I wish I lived on the west coast. Counting the days to Portland!

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