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It’s a ‘Zoola out there

Many crossword fans mourned when Brian Cimmet and Ryan Hecht shut down their weekly podcast, Fill Me In, which discussed the New York Times crossword in addition to a broad array of other topics that, frankly, defies description. It was a delight and its departure left a void in fans' podcast libraries.

Rest assured, though, that these gentlemen are still very active in the solving community. They even founded their own tournament called Lollapuzzoola, which has caused me to mispronounce the name of that music festival in Chicago since its inception. The fourth edition of Lollapuzzoola is taking Manhattan by storm in early August, and registration is now open! You can even sign up for a pizza and ice cream social if you so choose!

To this point, I unfortunately have found myself unable to make the long trip east to take in this event, although I did contribute a notorious puzzle to it last year. By all accounts, however, this is a fantastic event for a relatively paltry entry fee. Do it!

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  1. The link to your notorious puzzle is broken. 🙁

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