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Take two

Nothing like being published to bring me back to making blog posts. Enjoy my Onion puzzle today!

The words you'll write in are actually the second fill I had for this grid. The day this crossword was due, I worked up a nice puzzle and was about to start cluing when something caught my eye. At 6-Down, I had TESSELATE. Yup, that's spelled wrong. How it got into my Crossword Compiler word list, I don't know; I think a few dictionaries may list it as a variant. Nonetheless, I couldn't justify keeping it.

I poked around the area to see if I could change it easily. No dice. It was where I'd started filling the bloody grid; I was going to have to rip up the entire thing. Everything I did after settling on that "word" was a wasted effort. Putting together an extremely impressive swearing binge as I worked, I constructed a whole new puzzle over the next ninety minutes. The result was decent, I thought, but not as good as what I'd first done (aside from the misspelling, of course). My time and my patience were both wearing very thin, so I had to roll with it. Hopefully you don't think it turned out too badly.

So there you have it, kids. Check your work.

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  1. For reasons I can’t adequately explain, I’m sure you would have spelled it right the first time if your name was “Tiler”.

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