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Kickin’ it old school

Today's crossword solvers know that in the last couple of decades, puzzles have taken a decidedly modern turn. Gone is the era when something could be included in a crossword if and only if it was in the dictionary. Nowadays, you'll see plenty of references to sports, current TV, popular music, et cetera. This is all well and good for the kids out there, but loyal solvers who have been enjoying crosswords for decades are left out in the cold.

Well, I think it's time to get back to the good old days. Today, for your solving pleasure, I've made a few samples of what I hope will be a regular feature here on the blog: the Classic Crossword! These are miniature examples at only 5x5, but in the near future I hope to make full-size puzzles that contain an even greater variety of words from your grandfather's unabridged dictionary! (You'll see that a few names crept their way in, but the American style of crossword construction does have its exigencies.) Enjoy!

Classic Crossword #1
Classic Crossword #2

Oh, yes, these are Across Lite files. If you don't have this program, come on! Get with the times!

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  1. Inside *burn*. Nice work, sir.

  2. I know I’m missing something. What am I missing. You know that guy who has no idea a joke has just been played on him or in front of him? Like Reno 911? That’s what I feel like right now. What are you up to? 🙂

  3. Nine seconds for the second one; that just might be my best time for any AcrossLite crossword.

  4. Lolest!

    The comment underneath about too much RHCP grated (I think it’s a reference to UNDERTHEBRIDGE in a recent puzzle?) I’ve tried in vain to get DANI (California) past editors… You’d think a song with a Grammy would fly, but no!

  5. Well I was glad to see the dearth of sports clues, but these were sorely lacking in old timey woodworking entries, particularly barrel related stuff like coopering, stave and bung.

  6. This is why we must return to the old-time crossword – we need to use the whole dictionary!

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