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I survived!

This may well have been the subject of much speculation, since my last post immediately preceded my participation in the perilous Famine Game. Rest assured that Team Apetitius Giganticus acquitted itself very well and emerged successful from the Capitol.

No, the reason for my month-long lapse in posting is more or less what I alluded to in a previous entry; to wit, the appeal of posting dryly about all the puzzle events I'm doing is losing its appeal for me. I'm hoping I'll be inspired to post more long-form stuff when subjects arise. We'll see how that goes. For now, here's the rundown of what's happened in the last four weeks or so:

  • I mentioned The Famine Game... it really was tremendous fun and probably the best puzzle event I've played in. The puzzles were uniformly clever and satisfying, and I can't recall a single erratum. A few were truly unique works of genius that I'll always remember. Great thanks to Todd Etter and everyone else who helped design and run the event. What a weekend!
  • A different team of mine did not enjoy similar success at the latest Real Escape Game, Escape from the Bank. I won't go into the details here, but, as I said on Twitter, I'm completely baffled as to how we let ourselves get stuck where we did; it really was a rather easy puzzle. I still shake my head when I think about it. You can talk to me privately if you want me the details; please bring me a beer when you do. The good news is that SCRAP have another game all queued up, as well as a sequel to their popular game that one team at a time does in a single room. Also, Southern Californians, the first American game, Escape from the Werewolf Village, will be staged in LA in early November!
  • My team, Friday the 13th Part VI, won the Expert division of the latest Mastermind Hunt in San Francisco! This was a whirlwind few hours of solving small puzzles and dashing around the city to get our answers. The trophy will reside with us for another year!
  • Looking ahead to this weekend, it's Crosswords LA! I'll be on hand as the puzzle wrangler, tournament official, and finals commentator. (Whew!) Join us in Santa Monica; it should be a great day!
  • In somber news, Puzzle Pile is going on a few months' hiatus for personal reasons. I know I'm not alone in wishing Bran well. We'll be eager to resume reading when he's ready to make his return.
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  1. Real Escape Room 2 would be fantastic – really looking forward to that one.

    Wish I’d seen this post earlier – I was just in Santa Monica last weekend and completely missed this. Instead I struggled with a crossword in a cafe on Wilshire …

  2. Congratulations on your victory at Capitol! I was actually wondering if you’d like to try and help me crack a particular puzzle. It’s extremely difficult, and I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s been driving me mad, and is all I can think about for the passed 3 weeks. Was hoping to might be willing to lend a hand, even if its just a glance, at the problem I’m working on. Thank you so much for your time, and I really hope to hear from you. I can give you my email, if its easier, as well.


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