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The Bay Area's very own crossword tournament comes back on Saturday! You can enter right at the door for a mere $35, benefiting Families of SMA. Join us in Oakland!

It's been a while since I've mentioned a new puzzle-related Kickstarter... oh, look, here's one from Matt Jones of Jonesin' Crosswords! For a mere pittance, Matt is offering a hefty pack of barred crosswords, a grid type that's very rare outside the realm of variety cryptics. I've chipped in to see Matt's good work and you should too!

To finish this entry, I'm wondering where I should go with this blog. I post only the puzzle news that lands on my radar, and often I do so quite tardily. I doubt anyone's hearing about these matters for the first time from this site. Blogs like Puzzle Pile do a much better job of casting a wider net in a more prompt fashion. Perhaps I and you would be better served by writing less frequently, but putting up nice meaty posts when I do write. These could be deep recaps of events like tournaments and hunts, or opinionated essays like The War on Fill. Based on comment count, these certainly seem to be the popular posts anyway. Plus, if I post less, perhaps I could work on putting up the occasional original puzzle here. (Don't expect weekly!) Thoughts?

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  1. You could try some new types of tangentially-related material, see how they catch on

    Crossword grids which replace the constraint of radial symmetry with… oh hey the black squares could draw Hello Kitty.

    Eric Harshbarger fan fiction

    Superhero Names that were too silly for the LXP: reader contest to provide the best backstory

    Tasty and simple recipes w/ingredients featuring surprisingly few vowels

  2. Puzzle Pile looks OK, but somehow I find this blog more interesting. Probably because it is lower volume (even a random selection might be better than trying to deal with a firehose), and perhaps also because there is more of a personal touch to it (whether it be stories of your own involvement, or opinions, or whatever).

    As someone who neglects my own blog quite badly, I’m hardly going to tell you to keep at it, or what to write about, but for whatever its worth, I enjoyed the past posts, more so than most of the puzzle blogs I’ve sampled.

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