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Late to the games

The post-ACPT haze cleared up a while ago, but I've been very busy all the same. Let's run down a few items I probably should have blogged about in a more timely fashion.

I contributed last week's NPR puzzle. Unfortunately, a wording change introduced the possibility of a second answer, so here's my original version that should only permit my intended answer: Take an eight-letter word for something used in water. Phonetically remove another word for something else used in water. The result, again phonetically, will be a verb describing what the first word can do to water. What words are these?

The indie crossword blogosphere continues to grow; check out Andy Kravis's site. Andy's work has been featured in, among other places, 20 Under 30, so I'm looking forward to more good puzzles in that vein.

Prolific Sporcle quiz creator (and National Puzzlers' League member) sproutcm created a puzzle hunt, in which all the quizzes resolve to a final answer. Can you crack the metapuzzle? Find all the challenges here.

The Shinteki Decathlon is back! I always look forward to this day of great puzzles that take participants all over the Bay Area. This time around, I'm getting back together with my team from last year's Disneyland event. The sign-ups for June 1st and 8th filled up quickly, but there's a possibility that a third run will be added on the 15th.

Meanwhile, the puzzle hunt season is really heating up on the east coast. BAPHL 7 is coming next month; I'm looking forward to helping the test-solving effort next week. Late June will see the Boston edition of WarTron, and The Famine Game, still shrouded in mystery, will take place near the end of September. Get to work on my teleportation device, scientists.

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