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Linking thinking

Did a round of maintenance on the site, mostly updating some stale links. The most visible addition is a convenient link to my upcoming book, Winner's Circle Crosswords, on Amazon! Of course, you don't need to know this, as you preordered it long ago... right?

I also added a simple uncreative favicon, just because. I can also use a header image, but haven't done that yet. Any ideas for what I might put in that 600x56 space?

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  1. Is that just the bit at the top where your title and tagline are, or would that 600×56 space go somewhere else?

    Also site/maintenance related, would you be interested in trying out a social puzzling plugin next time you post a crossword of yours? (It’s the Fave/Solved buttons like those on Perplexible and Dr. Gareth Moore’s blog.)

    • It’s up there, I think; I’m not sure if the tagline would be replaced. Would be a shame to lose that hilarity. Maybe I should test something out and see.

      And while I’d definitely like to post more puzzles, this is predominantly a blog; I have no plans to commit to any sort of puzzle-posting schedule. So I’ll probably stick to bare-bones PUZ and/or PDF files when I do put stuff up.

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