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Other sites chronicling the world of puzzles.

Clavis Cryptica
A diverse blog looking at puzzle hunts, video games, and other mentally stimulating diversions.

Crossword Nation
The blog of renowned constructor Liz Gorski. She offers a puzzles-by-email service too!

Diary of a Crossword Fiend
Amy Reynaldo and friends review the day's popular crosswords.

The Pre-Shortzian Puzzle Project
Check out David Steinberg's impressive effort to put old New York Times crosswords online.

Puzzles, games, reviews, historical curiosities, and other musings.

Puzzle Pile
Bran McMillin is back after a hiatus! This is a great site for keeping tabs on the whole world of puzzles.

Rex Parker Does the NY Times Crossword Puzzle
A no-holds-barred review of one man's solving experience.

Puzzles Aplenty
Get your solve on.

A-Frame Games
Patrick Berry, my all-around favorite constructor, brings you eye-popping grids that are fun to fill.

The American Values Club
I'm one of the (now less frequent) contributors to this independent crossword venture, spun off from The Onion AV Club.

Andy Kravis, Cruciverbalist at Law
Have some good, legal fun with these crosswords. Don't worry; you don't need a J.D. to solve them.

Aries Puzzles
Whether you crave more indie crosswords or more Rows Garden puzzles, Andrew Ries's subscription services have you covered.

Brendan Emmett Quigley
BEQ posts two clever crosswords a week. They're as modern as they come.

A Cleverly-Titled Logic Puzzle Blog
Enjoy Grant Fikes's Nikoli-inspired creations. Some are straightforward, while others bend the rules.

CRooked Crosswords
Subscribe to Sunday-size puzzles from Emily Cox, Henry Rathvon, and Henry Hook.

The Cross Nerd
Peter Broda blogs and dishes out crosswords.

Devil Cross
Evan Birnholz's spicy weekly crosswords.

Fireball Crosswords
The New York Sun may be with us no longer, but editor Peter Gordon brings his unique, fresh style to this weekly puzzle. Well worth the money.

Glutton for Pun
Erik Agard, another promising young crossworder, presents his original weekly puzzles.

Grandmaster Puzzles
Top-notch hand-crafted logic puzzles from Thomas Snyder and friends.

The Griddle
David Millar presents a wide variety of logic and word puzzles.

Matt Gaffney's Weekly Crossword Contest
Solve the crossword, come up with the final answer to which it leads, and send it to Matt to get in on the drawing for a puzzle book. Difficulty increases as the end of the month nears.

Melon's Puzzles
Palmer Mebane is now contributing to Grandmaster Puzzles, but this is an archive of his excellent logical challenges, many of them very hard!

Japan's most renowned puzzle brand. For about five bucks a month, you can solve about four logic puzzles a day in thirteen varieties and four difficulty levels. You can order books from them too!

Patrick Blindauer
Free monthly puzzles from a creative constructor.

The trio of Mike Shenk, Amy Goldstein, and Robert Leighton give you small teasers every day. You'll also occasionally find their work in the Op-Ed section of the New York Times.

Puzzles & Answers Magazine
If you like extravaganzas (sets of interconnected puzzles that lead to satisfying final answers), subscribe to this bimonthly online publication. Plenty of fun stand-alone challenges, too.

Redhead64's Obscure Puzzle Blog!
Ryan Faley makes variety grid metapuzzles with a heaping helping of pop culture in the clues.

Triple Play Puzzles
Prolific constructor Trip Payne offers original puzzles and lots more.

Puzzle Tournaments
Go for the gold!

American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
The granddaddy of them all. The competition gets tougher every year, but there's plenty of fun to be had for solvers of all levels of expertise.

Crosswords LA
The local crossword tourney in Los Angeles grows every year and features original puzzles!

Logic Masters India
Frequent logic puzzle competitions that attract a wide variety of designers and participants from across the globe.

A light-hearted competition in New York, also featuring original crosswords. Held on a Saturday in August.

US Puzzle and Sudoku Championships
Keep track of the United States team in international logic puzzling competitions, and how you can join them!

Organizations and Events
Stuff that will fill your puzzling calendar.

Bay Area Night Games
Information about the periodic hunts that take place all over the Bay.

Different Area, Same Hunt
Do you live in the United States or London? Odds are there's a DASH location for you! Get the same great quality puzzle hunt wherever you go.

Escape Room Directory
Lately I've really become addicted to these games, in which you and your team try to solve puzzles to unlock the door and win! There's more of them all the time, so keep track with this site from Dan Egnor.

MIT Mystery Hunt
A madcap, nonstop two to three days of solving, all in pursuit of a coin hidden somewhere on the campus. The creativity is incredible; you can have great fun in the archives just admiring the puzzles and their solutions.

National Puzzlers' League
Information about the world's oldest puzzle organization. Find out about The Enigma, the puzzles it contains, and our annual convention, which has become an absolute must for me every year.

Puzzle Hunt Calendar
Having trouble keeping track of all the events going on? Look no further!

Puzzled Pint
Solve the puzzle to find the event location every month, go there, drink, and solve puzzles with friends. What could be better?

Real Escape Game
Race against the clock and solve creative puzzles in this Japanese import. Exhilarating and fun!

Alumni of The Game at Stanford run entertaining puzzle hunts. Check out their monthly puzzles too!

Useful sites to boost your puzzling experience.

Alex Boisvert
Alex has created a number of ingenious little applications for crossword solvers and constructors. Also, check out his blog for a technological slant on puzzles.

Crossword Compiler
The gold standard for puzzlemakers. It doesn't take long for it to pay for itself.

Crossword Solver
An emerging program for online solving. Can handle lots of formatting quirks that warp the usual rules.

Kevin McCann offers lots of resources for crossword constructors, including a forum and publishers' specification sheets.

Plug in a pattern and Onelook will scour just about every dictionary out there for matching entries. Great for solvers and constructors alike.

An incredibly powerful word-finding tool. Once you learn the syntax, you can do just about anything!

My favorite solving program. Tremendously smooth and versatile.

XWord Info
This powerful database tells you everything you could want to know about any New York Times crossword.